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Commercial fisherman files class action over Gulf Coast oil spill

Wright Troy Wetzel, Extreme Fishing and a class of similarly situated individuals and entities filed a class action lawsuit against Transocean, BP and its insurers over the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

Injured oil rig worker sues for $6 million

Sterbcow Injured during the explosion and resulting fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20, electronics technician Michael Williams is suing for more than $6 million in damages.

Shrimpers file class action over Gulf Coast oil spill

Herman Another class action has been filed over the April 20 fire and explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and its resulting oil spill.

Homeowner sues after second contractor hired to finish house

New Orleans homeowner Janell Perry alleges a home contractor refused to finish remodeling her house on Chevy Chase Drive in breach of contract.

Hand-built boat owners sue oil well operators after vessel sinks

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Co., Conoco Phillips Co. and Safety First are being sued by the owners of a hand-built commercial fishing boat that struck an oil well structure and sank.

Property owners sue insurer over Hurricane Katrina-related wind damage

The owner of property in Orleans Parish has filed suit against his insurance company, claiming the company failed to pay for Hurricane Katrina-related wind damage.

Wal-Mart shopper sues over allegedly defective motorized mobility scooter

Upton Wal-Mart customer Carolyn Brumley claims the motorized mobility scooter she was operating at a Boutte store flipped over and landed on her.

New Orleans sued over pedestrian's trip on loose brick

A New Orleans man is suing the city of New Orleans after he tripped and fell on a loose brick on a public street and injured his left shoulder, according to a suit filed April 8 in Orleans Parish District Court.

Class actions mount in federal court over Horizon Deepwater explosion

While BP promises pay for oil spill damage from the April 20 Horizon Deepwater oil rig explosion, lawsuits continue to mount in federal court in New Orleans.

City vendor sues city's management services

A vendor for New Orlean's disadvantaged business enterprise accuses the city's personnel management service of breach of contract and misrepresentation in a recently filed lawsuit.

Volunteers file class action against BP over clean-up agreement

Force Louisiana fishermen who volunteered to help clean up the oil spill have joined the class action fray against BP, claiming an indemnification agreement they would be required to sign severely hampers their freedom of speech and their right to sue over lost income.

Congressman seeks GAO probe of asbestos trusts

Smith U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, the leading Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, today asked the director of the Government Accountability Office to investigate the secrecy behind trusts created to pay asbestos-related claims against bankrupt companies.

Mexican restaurant blamed in 'Cinco' attack

Superior Grill hosts a "Cinco de Mayo" block party on May 5, 2010 A popular New Orleans Mexican restaurant is being sued over a fight that left one man with cuts on his head and neck.

Bicyclist sues over accident injuries

A bicyclist is suing Allstate and Jolene and Ronald Gettridge over injuries she allegedly sustained during an accident last year.

Canseco Elysian Fields sued over trip and fall injuries

Soloman Duplessis of New Orleans is suing food store Canseco Elysian Fields for injuries he sustained on a sidewalk outside the store at 5217 Elysian Ave. in New Orleans on Aug. 2, 2009.

Daughter of drowning victim seeks $3 million

Tug boat worker Lemarc Meredith was crushed and drowned after falling overboard into the Mississippi River last year, according to a lawsuit filed by his daughter.

Former court clerk sues over unpaid work comp claim

A former minute clerk at the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court claims she was unlawfully denied worker's compensation, according to a suit filed May 6 in Orleans Parish District Court.

Winn-Dixie customer claims foreign substance on floor caused accident

Labourdette A New Orleans woman is suing Winn-Dixie after she slipped and fell in one of the supermarket's stores in New Orleans East, according to a suit filed in Orleans Parish District Court.

Man wants $4 million from Chevron over jackhammer injuries

Curtis An electric wireline operator who was stationed on a Chevron permanent production platform has filed a lawsuit asking for $4 million in damages after he was allegedly injured using a jackhammer.

Jail supervisor sues after being arrested for cashing too many payroll checks

Jefferson Parish Jail food supervisor Isaac Cheatham, Jr. filed suit against CBM Food Services Corporation, XYZ Insurance Company on April 26 in the New Orleans federal court of the Eastern District of Louisiana, claiming he was wrongfully arrested for cashing too many payroll checks.