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Veterinary hospital sued over racial discrimination claims

Arruebarrena A Banfield veterinary hospital is being sued for committing acts of racial discrimination against one of its staff members.

Fast food CEO looking for a quick exit from 'Judicial Hellhole'

The head of a restaurant company, Andrew F. Puzder of CKE Restaurants (the parent company of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's), recently announced he's considering moving the company's headquarters from California to Texas.

Transocean employee sues for $2.8 million

A Transocean employee has filed a lawsuit asking for more than $2.8 million after suffering an injury while carrying high pressure hoses.

Companies sued for not complying with their own safety manuals

After falling off of a stack of drill casings, a seaman has filed a lawsuit against his employer, claiming the company failed to comply with its own safety manual.

Seaman sues after falling off of boat

A seaman has filed a lawsuit against his employer seeking $1.5 million after he slipped off a boat and fell into the water.

Delivery man sues Wal-Mart after pallet jack stops working

A delivery man is suing Wal-Mart after a loaded pallet jack stopped working and caused him to suffer a back injury when he attempted to stop the pallet from crushing him.

Transocean claims best year for safety in SEC filing

Transocean said it had its 'best year in safety' in its latest filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

OPSB files suit against Louisiana over property purchase

Barriere The Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) is suing the State of Louisiana and the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors, claiming that the state did not pay full value for a campus it bought from the school board.

CSX conductor sues after train robbery and murder

Miller A train conductor is suing his employer after an assailant entered the train, killed the engineer and robbed him.

Wal-Mart shopper seeks more than $50,000 after tripping in parking lot

A woman is suing Wal-Mart for $50,000 in damages after she tripped over metal rods in the parking lot and fell.

Oil exploration companies want stay vacated so drilling can begin

Feldman On March 15, four days before U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman would have required him to issue permits to oil and gas explorers, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and won a stay.

Boh Bros. Construction penalized $451K in sexual harassment lawsuit

Christy A federal jury in New Orleans has awarded a former employee of Boh Bros. Construction $201,000 in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Transocean executives donating safety bonuses to oil spill victims

Newman Just a few days after it was revealed that Transocean executives would receive bonuses for the company's 2010 safety record, the company CEO and four others say they will donate their earnings.

U.S. pressuring Transocean employees to testify in Gulf oil spill investigation

U.S Interior Department officials have sent subpoenas to three Transocean employees, seeking to compel them to testify before the Join Investigation Team overseeing last year's Deepwater Horizon explosion.

Barbier allows U.S. to dispose of certain samples taken from Gulf of Mexico

Barbier U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier issued an order this week allowing the United States to dispose of certain expired samples that were collected from the Gulf of Mexico last year.

Mardi Gras World owner sued by his son once again

Blaine Kern Sr. - the owner of Mardi Gras World and most of the floats used by Krewes during the Carnival season in New Orleans - has been sued by his son for the second time in six months in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Collision on North Causeway and Galleria Drive subject of lawsuit

An Orleans Parish resident is suing the owner of a tractor-trailer after the truck collided into his vehicle while turning onto Galleria Drive.

Conductor sues NO Public Belt Railroad after train collides with standing rail cars

David A train conductor has filed a lawsuit against his employer after his train collided into standing rail cars.

ExxonMobil, others sued over benzene exposure

A Mississippi resident is suing several companies who he claimed produced benzene containing products which resulted in him developing multiple myeloma.

Judge denies motion to dismiss case involving monks building custom caskets

Bullock A federal judge had denied a motion to dismiss and will hear a case of a group of Benedictine monks seeking to sell caskets without a state license.