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Woman who took a midnight tumble down steps sues bowling alley

GRETNA – A woman who claims she was severely injured in a fall down steps at a local bowling alley is suing.

Repair shop sued by auto insurer for not making proper repairs to customer’s car

Raven Fielding

Dollar General sued over attempted armed robbery

Dollar General

Contractors sued by homeowner for allegedly completing defective work on home

GRETNA – A contractor is being sued by a woman who claims her home was damaged during a renovation project.

Former pawn shop employees claims wrongful termination after workplace injury

GRETNA – A man who alleges he was wrongfully terminated from a local pawn shop after an on the work injury is suing.

Insurer sued by property owner over breach of contract after HVAC system damaged

GRETNA – A property holding company is suing its insurer over a claim related to electrical problems at one of its companies.

Man sues over injuries sustained in elevator drop

NEW ORLEANS – A local man is suing two elevator companies after the car he was riding in fell and he sustained injuries.

BP strikes out in attempts to stop oil spill settlement payments

BP has failed in its attempts to stop some of the payments from the settlement agreement over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Hospital sued by woman who claims she was injured in slip and fall after cesarean section

GRETNA – A local hospital is being sued by a woman who claims she was severely injured after a shower chair collapsed beneath her.

Roofing company sued by insurer after home allegedly damaged in rain storm

GRETNA – An insurer is suing a roofing company over damages sustained to a property whose roof was removed before a rain storm and inadequately protected in the interim.

Sheriff’s Office and deputy sued over car accident

GRETNA – The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is being sued by a motorist who claims she was struck by a deputy who was driving recklessly.

Allegedly improper treatment of patient’s thyroid cancer spawns medical malpractice lawsuit

Ellen Cronin Badeaux

Former executive director of homeless shelter accused of embezzlement

Andrew A. Braun

Contractor sued for alleged nonpayment of $247K worth of school renovations

NEW ORLEANS – A subcontractor is suing after allegedly never receiving payment after completing renovations at a Marigny school.

Staffing agency sues former employee who allegedly tried to start competing business after being fired

GRETNA – A staffing agency is suing a former employee who allegedly tried to lure employees and clients away to start his own firm after being fired.

Entergy sued after allegedly failing to pay $1.1 million for assistance during Hurricane Isaac

NEW ORLEANS – An Indiana-based power repair company claims Entergy violated an oral contract involving line repairs during Hurricane Isaac in August 2012.

Kmart sued by woman allegedly injured in slip and fall at checkout

GRETNA – A customer at a local corporate retail store is suing after she was allegedly injured in a fall near the store’s checkout counter.

Woman claiming forged signature on home transfer sues

GRETNA – A woman who claims a home sale was fraudulently completed by someone pretending to be her is suing the home’s former co-owner and the owners they sold it to as well as a couple that currently owns the property.

Health product manufacturer sued after alleged failure of implant

GRETNA – A woman allegedly suffering from numerous chronic health conditions is suing a health product manufacturer after an intravenous port failed a few months after being implanted in her resulting in an emergency procedure that required its removal.

Man sued over alleged $500K embezzlement scheme

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans resident is being sued over an alleged embezzlement scheme that allegedly resulted in the loss of $500,000.