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Legal agreement may halt governor's plan to use BP oil spill money to fill $700 budget hole

BATON ROUGE—Gov. John Bel Edwards’ proposal to close a hole in this year’s budget using funds intended to replenish Louisiana’s rainy day fund conflicts with a legal agreement reached two years ago in a lawsuit between the state and plaintiffs who sued the state over the fund.

Insurance company claims that theft was not covered under the agreed policy

NEW ORLEANS – An insurance company has filed a declaratory judgment over claims a policy it issued to a credit union doesn't cover damages from a theft.

Apache Corp. claims that it has fulfilled its obligation under settlement agreement

LAFAYETTE – A Houston corporation claims that it has performed all its obligations under a settlement agreement with Belle Isle.

Homebuyer seeks rescission of contract with Autumnwood Homes

NEW ORLEANS – A Louisiana man says Autumnwood Homes sold him a $335,000 renovated house that allegedly had failed a city inspection.

Seaman accuses Fieldwood Energy, All Coast of negligence

NEW ORLEANS – A seaman alleges that his employers failed to maintain a proper and safe working environment.

Company alleges ship was damaged in collision with towboat

NEW ORLEANS – The owner of a vessel is seeking damages after it claims a collision rendered the ship inoperable.

Man claims motorcycle caught on fire, sues Suzuki Motor

NEW ORLEANS – A Jefferson Parish man claims that Suzuki Motors is liable for his injuries after his motorcycle allegedly caught on fire.

Concrete Steel and Erectors, Capitol Truck Services accused of breach of contract

NEW ORLEANS – Two Plaquemine businesses have filed a lawsuit against a construction company and a transporting company, alleging the companies neglected to pay their balance.

Pogie fisherman seeks compensation over injuries he allegedly sustained on the job

NEW ORLEANS – A pogie fishing crewman is taking his employers to court over injuries he allegedly suffered while on the clock.

Deckhand alleges hatch fell on him, caused injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A deckhand who served on the maritime vessel Mike Martin is taking its owners to court over claims of negligence that he alleges led to his injuries.

Disabled Orleans Parish man sues property owners over alleged ADA violations

NEW ORLEANS – A disabled Orleans Parish citizen who sought to rent a property is filing a suit against the owners of a rental office, alleging they failed to meet accessibility regulations.

Ex-welder accuses Southern Industrial of discrimination

LAFAYETTE – A Missouri woman claims her former employer, Southern Industrial Mechanical Maintenance Co., discriminated against her based on her gender and because she became pregnant.

Seaman accuses Bailey Support Services, Moncla Marine of negligence

NEW ORLEANS – A Louisiana man claims his former employer, Bailey Support Services, and a vessel where he worked are liable for his on-the-job injuries.

Children allege interference of state medical examiners caused mother’s overdose

NEW ORLEANS – The surviving children of woman allege the state board of medical examiners interfered with their mother’s back pain treatment, contributing to her death.

Technologist seeks court judgment over issue with noncompete agreement

MONROE – A Downsville resident is asking the court to nullify a noncompete agreement she has with her former employer.

Seaman brings suit against American Commercial Barge Line over alleged injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A man says American Commercial Barge Line, his ex-employer, is liable for injuries he suffered at work.

Deckhand sues Associated Terminals of St. Bernard over alleged injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A deckhand who allegedly suffered severe injuries to his hand is now filing a suit against his employers.

Ex-worker with disability accuses HD Supply of discrimination

NEW ORLEANS – A man alleges his former employer, HD Supply, fired him after he was injured on the job.

Rig worker blames Moncla Marine for injuries caused by allegedly faulty equipment

LAFAYETTE – An East Baton Rouge Parish man says his employer, Moncla Marine, is liable for injuries he allegedly suffered while working aboard one of its rigs.

Louisiana Association of Business and Industry backs FACT Act

WASHINGTON — A bill aiming to promote transparency and access to information regarding asbestos claims was recently passed in the U.S. House of Representatives and has now been handed over to the Senate.