Deborah A. Villio

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish couple is suing a school, its teachers and administrators and a child's parents for the alleged bullying of their child.

Jeffrey M. Viosca, Sr. and Nicole Viosca, individually and on behalf of their minor child, filed suit against the Archdiocese of New Orleans, St. Clement of Rome School, Chad Howat, Patricia D. Speeg, Christine Brandau, Rommel Hernandez, Sheri McMath Hernandez and their insurers in the 24th Judicial District Court on Oct. 4.

The Vioscas claim their child, who has been attending the school since pre-Kindergarten, was in third grade last year and began to come home from school complaining of various physical ailments and calling home from school asking to be picked up. The plaintiffs allege that their child later had an emotional breakdown at the school and after Nicole was called to pick the child up she found that defendants Speeg and Brandau had physically restrained the child during the incident.

The Vioscas had their child transported to a local children's hospital via ambulance following the incident for diagnosis and evaluation. After the child returned to school the next day the Vioscas assert they sent letters to administrators and teachers at the school seeking input on why their child may be acting in such a fashion and that the letters were returned unopened by defendant Howat.

The plaintiffs claim that nearly two weeks later they found out the child of the Hernandezes had allegedly been physically and verbally abusing their child and that school employees were aware of the situation. Only a week after finding that their child had been allegedly bullied the plaintiff's child again had an emotional breakdown at school and had to be transported to the hospital.

The Vioscas asserts that after the second emotional breakdown they filed a police report.

The defendant is accused of failing to act reasonably, failing to provide reasonable supervision to minor students, doing what a prudent person would not do under similar circumstances, deviating from established policies and guidelines under similar circumstances, acting in an unreasonable manner with reckless disregard to the plaintiff's welfare, failing to prevent or mitigate the trauma inflicted on the plaintiffs, and failing to supervise or take reasonable steps to prevent another student from verbally and physically assaulting the plaintiffs' child.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for mental pain and suffering, physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, disability, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of services, loss of consortium and loss of companionship.

is represented by Deborah A. Villio of Metairie-based Leblanc Butler, LLC.

The case has been assigned to Division K Judge Ellen S. Kovach.

Case no. 719-756.

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