GRETNA – A New Orleans woman claims a doctor allegedly left pieces of dissected organs inside her body following surgery.

Carla Gittelson filed suit against Michael Graham, M.D. in the 24th Judicial District Court on Oct. 11. Gittelson claims she visited Graham numerous times from 2001-2009 for surgeies to fix a hernia, a hysterectomy, the removal of her ovaries and fallopian tubes and the removal of a mass near the site of her ovaries.

The plaintiff claims she was suffering from back pain and hot flashes before the surgery to remove the mass and that following the procedure she suffered from severe back pain and abdominal swelling and was referred to a hospital in Atlanta.

Gittelson asserts that the medical team in Atlanta found she had adhesions, endometriosis and fallopian tube remnant syndrome due to Graham's surgery and that she underwent further surgery for an appendectomy, cystoscopy, excision of endometriosis and lysis of adhesions.

The defendant is accused of failing to timely treat an ill patient, failing to offer proper medical care, failing to properly diagnose serious post-operative complications, failing to act in accordance with rules and standards in a proper manner, failing to properly monitor patient, failing to timely diagnose a serious illness and failing to timely order diagnostic testing.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for physical pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life.

Gittelson is represented by Patrick H. Hufft of New Orleans-based Hufft & Hufft.

The case has been assigned to Division J Judge Stephen J. Windhorst.

Case no. 719-992.

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