Byron M. Hutchinson

NEW ORLEANS – A Texas man is suing the Marriot Corp. claiming that he slipped and fell on a puddle of water upon his entrance into the bathroom of his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans.

Humberto Quintanilla filed a lawsuit against Marriot International Inc. in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Aug. 27.

The plaintiff claims that he slipped and fell on the tile of the bathroom of his hotel room resulting in physical injuries. Quintanilla also alleges hazardous conditions including water pouring into his room from the air vent, light fixtures and sprinkler system in the bathrooms ceiling and walls.

The defendant is accused of failure to timely cure and repair dangerous conditions on its premises, failure to warn patrons of unsafe conditions and negligence in general.

An unspecified amount is sought for all damages including pain and suffering, medical cost, lost wages and all cost for proceedings.

The plaintiff is represented by Byron M. Hutchinson of Houston-based Klitsas & Vercher, P.C.

This case has been assigned to Division D Judge Lloyd J. Medley.

Case no. 2012-08354.

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