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Recycling facility sued by two after crane accident

NEW ORLEANS – Two men are suing a recycling company after they were allegedly injured in an incident involving a crane operated on its premises.

Shipping company sued after employee falls 30 feet, lands on head

Paul Skrabanek

Casino sued after woman allegedly slipped and fell in toilet stall

Michael G. Ginart Jr.

Contractor sued after allegedly not completing renovation

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans resident is suing a contractor for breach of contract.

Woman who allegedly slipped in beer sues Winn-Dixie

NEW ORLEANS - A New Orleans woman is suing a local super market after she was allegedly injured in a slip and fall in a puddle of beer on the store’s floor.

New Orleans aquarium sued by mother of child who allegedly slipped on exhibit's leaking water

Aquarium of the Americas

Insurance company loses appeal, must pay for damages on foreclosed home

NEW ORLEANS – An insurance company lost an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit concerning a bankruptcy and district court’s judgment in favor of a bank.

Crude oil production company wins appeal, gets shipping credit

NEW ORLEANS – A crude oil production company won an appeal at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit concerning a lower court’s judgment in favor of a refinery company.

Man wins partial appeal in age discrimination case

NEW ORLEANS - A man who filed an age discrimination claim against an aerospace and defense company won part of his appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit concerning a district court’s decision to reduce the amount he received in damages.

Overflowing gas station toilet that allegedly resulted in woman's slip and fall spawns lawsuit

Stephen P. Bruno

LSU hospital accused of age discrimination

NEW ORLEANS - The estate of a former university hospital employee has filed a suit for alleged age discrimination.

State-run insurance company sued for undervaluing Hurricane Isaac claims

NEW ORLEANS – Several property owners filed suits against a state-run insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith claims adjusting after Hurricane Isaac.

Former petroleum engineer loses appeal over $600K severance pay

NEW ORLEANS - A petroleum engineer has lost an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit concerning a summary judgment decision by the district court.

Appeals Court reverses district court’s decision to create a new right of action for employers

NEW ORLEANS –A seaman who was found to have lied about existing back problems when he was hired by an offshore oil rig owner has won an appeal that will not force him to reimburse workers' compensation payments he received when he was injured.

Former jail supervisor who was allegedly demoted for writing letter to the editor wins appeal

NEW ORLEANS – A 20-year veteran of a county jail in Texas won an appeal against a district court decision that granted summary judgment in favor of his former employer who he alleged wrongfully demoted him and essentially forced him to retire.

Oil and gas transport companies sued for alleged carcinogenic chemical exposure

NEW ORLEANS - The son of a former employee for companies that transport oil and gas on the Mississippi River is suing, claiming work conditions contributed to his father’s terminal cancer.

New Orleans-based nursing home being sued after staff drop patient

Lawrence J. Centola III

Texas hospital system loses appeal requesting $21.7 million depreciation adjustment

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center Hospital

Foam insulation company sued for allegedly damaging property

J. Douglas Sunseri

Corpus Christi police officers win partial appeal

NEW ORLEANS – Two Corpus Christi Police Officers appealed a district court’s decision to deny their motion for summary judgment against claims of excessive force and unlawful arrest. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed the district court’s decision regarding an unlawful-arrest claim, but reversed the decision concerning the excessive-force claim.