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New Orleans judge at the center of lawsuit over bail issuing practices

A federal lawsuit was recently filed against Orleans Parish Magistrate Judge Harry E. Cantrell by two civil rights groups.

Lawsuit against Blair's Bail Bonds, New Orleans Bail Bonds may lead to better regulation of the bail industry

A federal lawsuit filed against two bail bonds agencies and their affiliates acts as a step toward the reform of the bail industry in Louisiana, and perhaps the nation, in a case of alleged abuse of the criminal justice system.

ACLU becomes second civil rights group to sue Orleans Parish district attorney over 'false subpoenas'

The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana (ACLU) recently filed suit against Leon Cannizzaro, Orleans Parish district attorney, after his office allegedly sent “false subpoenas” to witnesses to coerce them to testify in court.

Business broker accused of illegal tracking

New developments have surfaced in an ongoing legal battle between business broker and Michelle Seiler-Tucker, founder and president of Capital Business Solutions, and two former employees.