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Salesman alleges that BP has neither settled nor denied submission to Deepwater Horizon claims center

NEW ORLEANS – A salesman for Grakco Rentals alleges his claim for damages relating to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has not been settled or denied.

Man alleges more than 90 days has passed with no action on Deepwater Horizon claim

NEW ORLEANS – A truck driver residing in Louisiana that was employed in oilfield tool and equipment transportation has filed a suit over his claim with the Deepwater Horizon Claim Center.

Gollott Trawler allegedly failed to provide safe shrimping vessel

NEW ORLEANS — A marine crew member has filed suit against the company that owns a shrimping vessel for allegedly failing to create a safe work environment.

Crewman alleges he suffered a stroke after being thrown off bunk

NEW ORLEANS – A crewman aboard the Miss Nicole is seeking damages from his employer after he was allegedly thrown off his bunk and suffered injury.

Widow alleges Rolls-Royce is liable for her husband's death

NEW ORLEANS – A widow of a deceased helicopter pilot is seeking damages against Rolls-Royce alleging that a defect in its turbine engine was responsible for the death of her husband.

Boat engineer blames Odyssea Marine Inc. for slip-and-fall injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A former chief engineer for Odyssea Marine Inc. is suing the company for alleged negligence that caused him to fall and injure himself aboard the vessel Count.

Towing vessel crewman alleges that his employer is responsible for his injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A seaman claims that his employer’s negligence led to his injuries while on the job.

Painter seeks damages for alleged injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A Lafayette resident who allegedly tripped over a rope is now seeking damages.

Deckhand sues Associated Terminals of St. Bernard over alleged injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A deckhand who allegedly suffered severe injuries to his hand is now filing a suit against his employers.

Deckhand alleges hatch fell on him, caused injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A deckhand who served on the maritime vessel Mike Martin is taking its owners to court over claims of negligence that he alleges led to his injuries.

Blessey Marine Service accused of negligence in work-related injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A crew member aboard a boat owned by Blessey Marine Service is blaming the company for nerve damage and other injuries he allegedly suffered due to unsafe working conditions.

Insurer sues Frilot for allegedly mishandling personal injury case

NEW ORLEANS – A British-based maritime underwriter is suing law firm Frilot, alleging it failed to determine proper jurisdiction for a personal injury claim.

Crewman blames Ingram Barge for injuries allegedly suffered aboard the Sally Bromfield

NEW ORLEANS – A crewman says the marine vessel Sally Bromfield’s owners are liable for injuries he suffered to his leg while following captain’s orders.

Employee sues Marquette Transportation over alleged on-the-job injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A deckhand is suing Marquette Transportation for injuries he allegedly suffered on the job.