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Chico’s customer files suit after allegedly sustaining severe injuries from falling on a clothes rack

By Max Schramel | May 26, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A 77-year-old woman is suing a corporate retailer claiming she fell on a clothes rack causing her to become permanently handicapped.

Budget files $14K suit against customers who allegedly totaled Maxima

By Max Schramel | May 22, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – Budget Rent A Car is suing patrons claiming they inflicted $14,000 worth of damages to a 2014 Nissan Maxima.

Medical malpractice claim filed against doctor who allegedly performed surgeries without being certified

By Max Schramel | May 21, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A woman claims a physician performed multiple surgeries on her right foot before he was even a qualified healthcare provider.

Contracting company files $375K lawsuit over arbitration award

By Max Schramel | May 20, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A contractor is suing  a subcontractor who allegedly failed project demands on a local juvenile jail and lost a $375,000 arbitration decision concerning that failure.

Man files lawsuit after being denied a taxicab permit

By Max Schramel | May 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A man claims he was denied due process when he was not given a taxicab permit by the Department of Safety and Permits Taxicab and for Hire Vehicles Bureau.

Woman claims her close friend failed to pay back $28K for lease payment and son’s tuition

By Max Schramel | May 13, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A woman contends her close friend borrowed more than $28,000 to pay for her lease and son’s tuition, but failed to reimburse the plaintiff.

AT&T Louisiana files suit after facilities allegedly damaged by defective sprinkler system

By Max Schramel | May 12, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – AT&T Louisiana claims a defective sprinkler system resulted in their facilities sustaining water damage.

Entergy sued by couple after power line allegedly shocks son

By Max Schramel | May 11, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A couple claims their son was shocked when his pool net struck an Entergy power line while cleaning.

Elderly woman files medical malpractice claim after allegedly fracturing her leg in the shower

By Max Schramel | May 7, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An elderly woman claims she sustained injuries in the shower while being transferred from her shower chair to her wheelchair by two nursing assistants.

Mother sues Ben Franklin Elementary School, claims not enough Tylenol given to daughter

By Max Schramel | May 6, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A mother is suing Ben Franklin Elementary School contending the school nurse only gave her daughter a single dose of Tylenol to stop her headache instead of three as ordered.

Entergy claims New Orleans Sewage & Water Board damaged their facilities during construction

By Max Schramel | May 5, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – Entergy is suing the New Orleans Sewage & Water Board claiming it damaged the energy provider’s facilities during a construction project.

Flowers Baking company employees file suit over $92K commission dispute

By Max Schramel | May 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – Employees of Flowers Baking company claim a 10 percent commission cut since June of 2013 has deprived them of $92,000.

Multiple local storage companies fight over $900K judgment

By Max Schramel | Apr 29, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – Two local storage companies claim they are owed close to $900,000 by competitors.

Ochsner employee sues after elevator she was riding in allegedly plummeted 10 floors

By Max Schramel | Apr 28, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An Ochsner hospital employee claims she fell down 10 floors in an elevator resulting in severe personal injuries to her knees and neck.

Edna Karr Charter High School sued for allegedly failing to protect handicapped child during fight

By Max Schramel | Apr 27, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A mother claims Edna Karr Charter High School failed to protect her handicapped child from physical contact when a fight broke out.

Construction company sued for $66K for allegedly defaulting on a business loan agreement

By Max Schramel | Apr 21, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A construction company is being sued for allegedly failing to repay a bank loan of more than $66,000.

Forklift operator claims on the job injury after jumping from vehicle to avoid falling objects

By Max Schramel | Apr 20, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An employee of Express Services who claims he was injured while operating a forklift at local warehouse is suing.

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