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Mikimoto sushi restaurant sues law firm for allegedly not properly processing a Deepwater Horizon claim on their behalf

NEW ORLEANS – A local sushi restaurant is suing a law firm it claims failed to provide proper representation in filing a Deepwater Horizon claim over the BP oil spill.

The Birthing Project USA sued by former executive director for allegedly not paying back wages

NEW ORLEANS – A non-profit organization is being sued by its former executive director who alleges she was not paid back wages she is owed.

Personal injury attorney sued for alleged legal malpractice

NEW ORLEANS – An attorney is being sued by a client for allegedly instructing her to take a settlement after she was arrested.

Norfolk Southern Railway sued after employee allegedly cases on-the-job traffic accident

A railway company is being sued after one of their employees allegedly caused a car accident during the course and scope of his employment.

Contractor sued over allegedly faulty roof replacement

NEW ORLEANS – A property insurer for a condominium association is suing a  contractor for allegedly faulty roof replacement

Couple sued for allegedly not disclosing problems with prior to property sale

NEW ORLEANS – A man is suing a couple who he claims sold him a house with a faulty pool.

Trial attorney Daniel Becnel seeking St. John the Baptist Parish President post

RESERVE – Daniel Becnel Jr. did not want to run for St. John the Baptist Parish President but the way he sees it, he doesn’t have much of a choice.

First Bank and Trust sued by a disabled service non-profit over loan repayment dispute

NEW ORLEANS – A non-profit organization created to assist those with disabilities is suing a local bank claiming they wrongfully sought immediate repayment on a loan.

Louisiana Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation sued for allegedly not covering fire damage

NEW ORLEANS – A local homeowner is suing a property insurance company claiming they did not properly compensate him for a fire at his home.

Genuine Parts Company sued after delivery man allegedly trips over cart on premises

NEW ORLEANS – An office supply warehouse is being sued by a man who claims he was injured after tripping and falling over a cart left in their hallway.

Danny Williams Plumbing Inc. sues contractor over $2.4K plumbing bill

NEW ORLEANS – A plumbing company is suing a contractor and a pair of homeowners claiming they were never paid them for a job they did at a local property.

Last Call restaurant sues City of New Orleans for revoking their alcohol permit

NEW ORLEANS – A French Quarter bar and restaurant is suing the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control for revoking their alcohol permit.

Former Movie Tavern employee sues over alleged racially motivated wrongful termination

NEW ORLEANS – A movie theater is being sued by a former employee who alleges he was wrongfully terminated for racially motivated reasons.

Crawford Electric Supply Company claims it is owed $139K

NEW ORLEANS – An electrical supply company is suing a contractor claiming it is owed a debt worth nearly $140,000. Crawford Electric Supply Company filed suit against Western Surety Company and Woodrow Wilson Construction, L.L.C. in the Orleans Parish District Court on June 1.

Shell station sued over customer’s alleged injuries in trip and fall

NEW ORLEANS – A local gas station is being sued sued by a man who claims he was injured in a trip and fall at its premises. Troy Reimonenq Toliver filed suit against Lavigne Baker Petroleum, LLC in the Orleans Parish District Court on June 1.

Siding subcontractor sues for contractor fraud claiming he was never paid for work

NEW ORLEANS – A subcontractor is suing a contractor claiming he was never paid for siding work on a construction project.