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Senator slams Jindal over 'hypocrisy' in veto of transparency bill

Jindal Louisiana State Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, called Governor Bobby Jindal's veto of a bill that would have opened up state records on the BP oil spill "the height of hypocrisy."

Shopper sues store after stepping on broken glass

Kelly A Big Lots shopper is suing the store after she says she stepped on broken glass and cut her foot.

City sued over 'dangerous' manholes

The city of New Orleans is facing a lawsuit for failing to properly inspect manholes.

Transit Authority sued after bus hit by another vehicle

A passenger is suing the Transit Authority after a truck collided with the bus she was riding.

Church sued after visitor trips on wire

Cates A Louisiana woman is suing a church for injuries she allegedly suffered when she tripped and fell in an aisle.

Slip and fall suit against Harrah's Casino settles

Ecuyer A slip and fall suit against Jazz Casino Company LLC which was set for a June 28 one-day bench trial in Orleans Parish Civil District Court settled on June 11, according to a letter sent by the plaintiff attorneys to Judge Paulette Irons.

New Orleans company sued after escalator fails

Two Louisiana residents are suing a New Orleans company after the escalator they were riding on allegedly failed and threw them to the floor.

Judge will hear summary judgment motion in suit against sprinkler companies

Heinrich Judge Robin Giarusso will hear two motions for summary judgment brought by defendants in a suit filed by the state of Louisiana on behalf of the University of New Orleans (UNO) against sprinkler manufacturers on July 2 in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Retirees sue investment firm after losing thousands

Two Chevron retirees are suing a brokerage firm after discovering their retirement plans had lost thousands of dollars.

Worker claims she was fired after reporting sexual harassment

An oil refinery worker has filed suit against her employer, claiming she was terminated for reporting sexual harassment.

Slip and fall at Winn-Dixie leads to lawsuit

A Jefferson Parish woman is suing a grocery chain after allegedly slipping and falling on a wet floor.

Widow sues Harley dealership after husband crashes

A New Orleans widow is suing a motorcycle dealership after her husband was killed in a crash.

Parents sue doctors after baby's death

Bryan Two Louisiana parents are accusing the doctors who delivered their baby of causing his death.

Defense moves for judge to recuse in New Orleans levee class action

Defense counsel for the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board moved for Judge Piper Griffin to recuse herself from a class action case over the New Orleans levee system in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Couple alleges Porteous acted improperly at trial, requests new trial

Porteous A Louisiana couple is asking a federal court to overturn a previous judgment, claiming the presiding judge acted improperly because of his relationship with defense counsel and a witness.

Applicant sues after policing job offered to young black woman

A white male applicant is suing after a policing job was offered to a younger, black female applicant he claims was less qualified.

Lawsuit claims rash forced Louisiana resident to move to Arizona

A former longshoreman is suing a Louisiana company, claiming his reaction to an unknown liquid on a ship forced him to move out of state.

Judge rules Recovery School District not entitled to Katrina insurance claims

Provosty Judge Kern Reese denied a motion for summary judgment filed by the Recovery School District (RSD), effectively ruling that it is not entitled to insurance proceeds owed to the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) for damages incurred during hurricane Katrina.

Motions to dismiss UNO sprinkler flooding case continued

Vicknair Two motions for summary judgment brought by defendants in a suit filed by the State of Louisiana on behalf of the University of New Orleans (UNO) against sprinkler manufacturers have been continued without date in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Slip and fall case against New Orleans continued to January

Merritt A seven-year-old slip and fall case against the city of New Orleans originally set for a July 18 trial has been continued to January 10 in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.