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Refusal to sanction alleged grade changing practices at center of lawsuit by school employee

NEW ORLEANS – A former human resources director for a charter school is suing after allegedly experiencing years of intense supervisory hostility after refusing to engage in grade changing practices.

Man alleges injuries due to bleacher collapse at 'NFL Experience'

NEW ORLEANS – A local man is suing after he was allegedly injured when his seat collapsed from under him at the convention center.

Family Dollar store sued by woman who claims she was injured in trip over merchandise

NEW ORLEANS – A local discount retailer is being sued by a customer who claims she was injured in a trip and fall over merchandise that was on the floor.

Woman expected to pay off $12K loan after lawsuit settlement faces suit

GRETNA – A man who claims he loaned several thousand dollars to a woman with the expectation she would pay him back after a lawsuit settlement is using.

Comet Inn bar sued after patron allegedly dies due to injuries from armed robbery

William A. Glennon III

Family sues after child allegedly dies in foster care

GRETNA – The family of a boy who allegedly died while in foster care is suing.

Le Pavillon Hotel sued over slip and fall in puddle created by raincoat

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is suing Le Pavillon Hotel after slipping and falling in a puddle.

Arms company sues restaurant after founder allegedly injured in fall in bathroom

GRETNA – An arms dealer company is suing a Harahan restaurant after one of its founders was allegedly disabled in a slip and fall, which led to the company failing.

Former condo board president sues over dismissal from governing body

GRETNA – The former head of a condominium homeowners’ association is suing claiming he was illegally removed.

Family of man who allegedly died after dentures became lodged in throat during surgery sues

GRETNA – The family of a man who allegedly suffered oxygen deprivation and a stroke that led to his death after his dentures became lodged in his throat during a medical procedure is suing.

Lawsuit filed on behalf of child who was allegedly beaten by classmates

GRETNA – The father of a child who claims he was beaten by several students is suing the public school where the alleged attack occurred.

Neighbor sued after dog attack allegedly leads to kitten's death

NEW ORLEANS – A local woman claims her neighbor's dog killed her kitten and injured her dog.

Wells Fargo accused by law firm of unlawful conversion of settlement check

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans area law firm is suing Wells Fargo Bank NA claiming it "forced" deposit of a settlement check intended for its firm to distribute.

Attorney sues graveyard owner over decade long attempt to gain deed to grave site

J. Robert Ates

Neighbor claiming she smelled marijuana sued on defamation claims

GRETNA – A renter is suing her neighbor she claims wrongly accused her of allowing underage drinking and marijuana use to occur in her household.

Homeowner sues contractor over damages that occurred to home during drainage project

GRETNA – A construction company contracted by Jefferson Parish is being sued by a homeowner who claims her home was damaged over work done on a nearby drainage project.

McDonald’s sued by customer claiming an employee mopped floor behind him

GRETNA – A Marrerro McDonald's is being sued by a man who claims one of its employees mopped a floor right behind him causing him to slip and fall when he turned around.

Casino sued by woman who claims she was injured in slip and fall on food

GRETNA – A casino is being sued by a woman who claims she slipped and fell on a wet floor.

UPS sued over alleged workplace injury

NEW ORLEANS -A local man is suing his employer after an errant metal pipe pierced his steel toe boot, seriously injuring him.

Business partner in craft store sued for allegedly not fully reporting sales receipts

GRETNA – A Memphis man who owns part of a craft store company is suing his Louisiana based business partner for allegedly not fully reporting receipts and opening up an additional location without consulting him first.