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Seaman sues employer after slamming hand in door

NEW ORLEANS - After slamming his hand in a door, a seaman has filed a lawsuit against his employer for failing to provide a reasonably safe doorway.

Seaman sues for $2.5 million after slipping and falling

NEW ORLEANS - A seaman has filed a lawsuit for $2.5 million after slipping and falling while attempting to pull on a tow cable.

Gangway collapses, worker falls into water, suit says

NEW ORLEANS - A Jefferson Parish seaman is suing his employer claiming that negligence caused him to fall from an unsecured gangway and into the water.

Lawsuit claims doctor misdiagnosed brown recluse spider bite as a boil

NEW ORLEANS - A seaman claims he suffered permanent physical disability when a doctor misdiagnosed a brown recluse spider bite as a boil.

Winn-Dixie sued for not placing warning signs regarding rainwater

Palazzo NEW ORLEANS - After a customer slips and falls, the Harvey Winn-Dixie is being sued for failing to place warning signs in the doorway to warn of the rainwater.

Martial arts instructor sued for injuries student claims occurred in class

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing her former martial arts instructor for injuries she claims occurred in class.

New Orleans man fights property code violations

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans man is suing city agencies for violations that may result in his home being demolished.

Committee assignment crucial for Abramson's HB618

Abramson BATON ROUGE – Rep. Neil Abramson's bill that would reform legacy lawsuits should be introduced into a Senate committee soon.

Insurers accused of fraud by life insurance trust

Sloss NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans-based life insurance trust is suing an international finance corporation.

Construction company sues real estate developer over allegedly unpaid work

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans construction company is suing a developer for unpaid work.

McDonald's sued in slip and fall

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing a local fast food eatery for injuries she claims to have received on their premises.

HB618 still not assigned to committee; compromise may be in progress

Briggs BATON ROUGE – A bill supported by the oil and gas industry that would change the way legacy lawsuits are handled is being "held hostage," according to one of its staunchest supporters.

Vitter says Jindal's inaction is interfering in 'legacy lawsuit' reform process

Vitter BATON ROUGE – U.S. Senator David Vitter said he has a "big problem" with Governor Bobby Jindal's inaction on "legacy lawsuit" reform.

Put jobs over trial lawyer profits

Dear Senate President John Alario, Jr. and Senate Judiciary A Chairman Ben Nevers:

Shipping company sues after ship collides with another ship

NEW ORLEANS - A Louisiana shipping company has filed a lawsuit against another shipping company following the collision of two vessels.

Mother claims use of antidepressant drug during pregnancy caused birth defects

NEW ORLEANS - A Tangipahoa Parish mom has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer claiming that that the company's antidepressant drug Zoloft caused her 14-year-old child to be born with birth defects.

Deckhand sues for $2 million after slipping in fuel

NEW ORLEANS - A deckhand is suing his employer for $2 million claiming that he was severely injured when he slipped and fell in a slippery substance on the vessel's deck.

Employer sued for not disclosing deckhand's pre-employment physical exam results

Silbert NEW ORLEANS - A deckhand has filed a lawsuit against his employer for not disclosing his pre-employment physical examination results that showed lumbar spine problems.

Legacy lawsuit compromise agreement may be in the works

BATON ROUGE – Tension surrounding the legacy lawsuit reform debate has eased as both sides of the argument appear to be negotiating.

Mechanic sues transport vessel for $2 million after falling into Gulf

NEW ORLEANS - An offshore mechanic has sued a transport company arguing that the company failed to maintain a transport vessel's position, which caused the mechanic to fall from an oil platform's swing rope into the Gulf of Mexico.