News from September 2013

Louisiana Record-Dow Chemical loses trial, must pay $5.95 million to man with mesothelioma

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 2, 2013

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Ochsner Hospital sued by woman who slipped on spill while visiting patient

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 2, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing after slipping and falling while visiting a patient in a Jefferson Parish hospital.

Forensic company sued by former business partner who withdrew from company

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 3, 2013

GRETNA – A man who pulled out of a business partnership is suing the business for allegedly not paying him for his share of its profits and assets.

Home buyers claim sellers failed to disclose defects before $880K purchase

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 3, 2013

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish couple who bought a home are suing the sellers for allegedly not disclosing defects in the property before the sale.

Woman who tripped over soda sues Pepsi and CVS Pharmacy

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 3, 2013

GRETNA – An international beverage company and a local pharmacy are being sued by a woman who claims to have tripped over a case of soda.

Holiday Inn sues contractor for allegedly faulty window replacement job

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 4, 2013

GRETNA – A local hotel is suing a company it contracted to replace its windows for allegedly using deficient materials and not providing adequate craftsmanship.

LO&G President: Actual damage not necessary

By Don Briggs | Sep 4, 2013

A common theme right now in Louisiana is legalized extortion. If you need to make a quick dollar, have no fear; a plaintiff attorney will find you. 

Mom sues daycare after her ankle was allegedly slammed in a door

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 4, 2013

GRETNA – A local daycare center is being sued by a mother who was in the process of dropping her children off and was allegedly injured when her ankle was slammed in the facility’s door.

Veteran’s Hospital sued by woman claiming nerve damage

By Michelle Keahey | Sep 4, 2013

NEW ORLEANS - A resident of St. John the Baptist Parish has filed a lawsuit against the New Orleans Veterans Hospital claiming she suffered nerve damage due to the hospital’s alleged improper care.

Whitney Bank sued by customer who claims over $28K was illegally taken out of accounts

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 4, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing a local bank after she allegedly discovered tens of thousands of dollars missing from her bank accounts.

Acme Oyster House sued by woman who allegedly fell due to bad lighting

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 5, 2013

GRETNA – An Arkansas woman who allegedly injured herself in a fall when exiting a local restaurant is suing.

Woman brings pro se case against sports therapist for alleged medical malpractice

By Kyle Barnett | Sep 6, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A Metairie sports therapy medical practice and one of its doctors are being sued by a patient who alleges she was injured during treatment.

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