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New Orleans tile company sues for allegedly unpaid work

NEW ORLEANS – A tile company is suing a construction company for which it completed work, claiming that all work was done in a complete and timely manner, but that the defendant has failed to pay.

Mahalia Jackson Theater accused of causing fall due to improper lighting

NEW ORLEANS – A woman who allegedly fell and tripped at a show due to poor lighting is suing the Mahalia Jackson theater for personal damages stemming from her injury Patty Stone filed suit against Arts Center Enterprises - New Orleans LLC and the ABC Insurance Company in the Orleans Parish First Civil District Court on June 18, 2015. The plaintiff claims that that she was a patron of the Mahalia Jackson Theater on May 30, 2015, attending a dance recital in which her granddaughter was a partic

Sewerage and Water Board sued by construction company for alleged $1 million-plus breach of contract

NEW ORLEANS – A construction company is suing the Sewerage & Water Board for breaching contract in several ways and failing to pay the proper amount for work completed. 

Shopper sues supermarket for damages after alleged fall

NEW ORLEANS – A shopper at a local supermarket is claiming that a leaky freezer caused him to fall and sustain serious injury while buying his groceries.

Woman claims malpractice over husband's renal failure

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is suing Tulane University Hospital and doctors over her husband's treatment, saying their alleged breaches in standards of care directly led to his death.

Woman claims she sprained ankle on unsecured water meter, sues Water Board

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board claiming that she was walking toward a dessert shop when she tripped over an unsecured water meter and severely sprained her ankle.

Man sues maintenance shop after unfinished repair allegedly ruins engine

NEW ORLEANS — A man servicing his car at an oil change shop is suing the shop and its employee, claiming his oil filter was not properly tightened which caused the oil to leak out and ruin the vehicle's engine.

Fired teacher sues St. Augustine High School for unpaid wages

NEW ORLEANS – A former music teacher at St. Augustine High School is suing the school, claiming that after an entire summer and academic year of working he was unfairly fired without any reasonable complaint.

Power tools company sues for unpaid balance of $125K

NEW ORLEANS – A company specializing in the distribution of power tools and construction materials is suing a solar power company claiming that a large balance was left unpaid by the defendant.

Steakhouse customer claims he was struck, injured by a moving cart

NEW ORLEANS — A customer sitting in a steakhouse parking garage is suing the restaurant she was eating at and claiming that an employee lost control of a cart full of materials and injured her.

Woman who underwent tummy tuck and buttock augmentation sues doctor over infection

NEW ORLEANS — A woman who underwent plastic surgery is is claiming a doctor botched her surgery and caused a serious infection.

Mother of disabled child claims medical malpractice

NEW ORLEANS – The mother of a severely disabled child is suing a treatment facility claiming that her son has been subject to several instances of medical malpractice--even necessitating him being rushed to the emergency room. 

Taxi owner files breach of contract suit against car dealership

NEW ORLEANS — The owner of a taxi service is suing a Dodge dealership claiming he agreed to purchase a van from the defendant, but the defendant breached the contract.Vincent Rizzuto, individually and on behalf of St. Bernard Taxi Service filed suit against Premier Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Troy Duhon in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on June 4.

Woman sues school, alleges her son was sexually harassed by teacher

NEW ORLEANS — The mother of a high school sophomore is suing the charter school that he attended claiming that he was harassed by a teacher in the form of sexually explicit cell phone messages several times throughout his studies.

New Orleans Music Hall of Fame sued by woman who alleges she lent initial start-up money

NEW ORLEANS – A woman who claims she lent money to facilitate the creation of the New Orleans Music Hall of Fame is suing the Hall for allegedly not paying her back what she claims was a loan.

Convenience store worker sues delivery man after alleged assault

NEW ORLEANS – A convenience store employee is suing a food distribution company claiming that its employee entered the store to make a delivery and subsequently assaulted the plaintiff after he refused the order due to poor meat quality.

Tulane Hospital, doctors sued for allegedly misdiagnosing man with cancer, giving him chemotherapy

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans hospital and a group of doctors are being sued by a family whose now deceased relative underwent chemotherapy for liver cancer, but was discovered to not have cancer when an autopsy was performed after his death.

Retirement facility sued by woman allegedly injured by dog

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is suing the Woldenberg Village facility claiming that a dog on the grounds of the facility knocked her to the ground and caused her to be injured. Estelle McGill filed suit against Woldenberg Village, Inc., in the Orleans Parish First Civil District Court on May 27.

Woman alleges botched surgery caused her to have mouth wired shut

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is suing LSU Health Science center and her physician claiming that her physician's failure to secure parts of her jaw after surgery caused her to have her mouth wired shut for more than a month.

Woman sues Tulane School of Medicine for malpractice after husband's death

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is suing the Tulane University School of Medicine and a physician employed there claiming that medical malpractice caused her husband's death stemming from gastrointestinal problems.