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New Orleans Redevelopment Authority accused of wrongfully taking woman’s home

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing a local redevelopment agency claiming they improperly deemed her home blighted and abandoned and expropriated it from her.

Mott Shields law firm sues, claims client owes $42K

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans-based law firm is suing a client it claims owes more than $42,000 in legal fees.

Winn-Dixie sued over woman’s alleged injuries in trip and fall

NEW ORLEANS – A local grocery store is being sued by a woman who claims she suffered injuries and had to be taken to the hospital after tripping and falling on its premises.

Regan and Sandhu sued for alleged legal malpractice

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans-baed law firm is being sued by a former client who claims one their attorneys representing him in a wrongful termination lawsuit engaged in fraud and unehtical acts.

Ethnic and cultural organization sued by man alleging he was defamed in newsletter

NEW ORLEANS – A member of an ethnic and cultural heritage organization is suing an administrator alleging he circulated a defamatory newsletter to the general membership.

Tulane Hospital sued over woman’s alleged injuries in slip and fall in cafeteria

NEW ORLEANS – A local hospital is being sued by a woman who claims she was injured after slipping and falling in its cafeteria.

Former Adams and Reese attorney sues claiming she was fired after discovering mold in office

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans-based law firm is being sued by a former attorney who claims she was exposed to mold that made her ill and then was fired after reporting the problem.

Credit card company sued customer over $25K bill

NEW ORLEANS – A credit card company is suing a cardholder claiming she ran up over $25,000 in debt and has refused to pay for it.

Hotel sued by guest claiming they gave unknown man a key to her room who assaulted her

NEW ORLEANS – A woman who claims she was assaulted at a hotel who allegedly wrongfully gave a stranger a key to her room is suing.

Plaintiffs' attorney, interim judge files defamation suit over neighborhood association flyers

NEW ORLEANS – A lawsuit has been filed against a man who distributed flyers with allegedly defamatory statements about plaintiff's attorney and former interim Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Val Exnicios and the English Turn neighborhood Board of Directors.

Picture framing company sued after mirror allegedly shatters during delivery

NEW ORLEANS – A woman who claims she was injured when receiving delivery of a mirror she had ordered is suing over alleged injuries from glass shards when the mirror shattered. 

Brothers sued for allegedly attacking motorist

NEW ORLEANS – A motorist who claims a pair of brothers stopped his car and attacked him is suing for injuries he allegedly received in the incident.

Walgreen's sued by woman claiming she was injured in a slip and fall on oil in parking lot

NEW ORLEANS – A woman who claims she slipped on a patch of oil in a Walgreen's parking lot is suing over her alleged injuries.

Mother claims son was struck by train, seriously injured

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman claims her son was seriously injured after being hit by a train. Tabrina Huntington, on behalf of her minor child, filed suit against the State of Louisiana through the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, New Orleans City Park Improvement Association, Michael T.

Property insurer sued by homeowner over allegedly not properly covering damage to home

NEW ORLEANS – A homeowner is suing his property insurance company for allegedly not properly covering damage to her home caused by a storm.

Yogurt shop sued for allegedly failing to pay nearly $40K in rent

NEW ORLEANS – A yogurt shop is being sued by its landlord for allegedly not paying them nearly $40,000 in rent.

Avis Rent A Car sues customer over damages to stolen vehicle

NEW ORLEANS – A car company is suing an individual alleging he was responsible for damages its vehicle suffered after it was stolen.

Convenience store owner sued by partner for allegedly terminating ownership interest

NEW ORLEANS – A man is suing his partner at a convenience store in which he claims he had an ownership stake for allegedly terminating his rights to the business and not providing him with a percentage of a insurance claim after the store was damaged. Ana M.

Client sues personal injury lawyers for alleged legal malpractice

NEW ORLEANS- A woman is suing two attorneys claiming their alleged negligence caused her to lose money.

Laborer sues construction company claiming unpaid wages

NEW ORLEANS- A man is suing a construction company claiming he was not paid for his services. Miguel Salazar filed suit against Big Yellow Construction, LLC on April 15th in the Orleans Parish District Court.