News from August 2013

Former co-owner of telecommunications firm sues for allegedly botched buyout plan

By Kyle Barnett | Aug 1, 2013

GRETNA – A former co-owner of a local telecommunications company is suing over the company’s alleged failure to buy him out despite the signing of a contract to do so.

State-run insurance company sued for undervaluing Hurricane Isaac claims

By Yolanda Martinez | Aug 2, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – Several property owners filed suits against a state-run insurance company for breach of contract and bad faith claims adjusting after Hurricane Isaac.

Woman who tripped over floor mat at work sues

By Kyle Barnett | Aug 2, 2013

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman who allegedly tripped over a floor mat and fell at the entrance of a local hospital where she was employed is suing for injuries she claims to have received.

BP claims new findings of 'systemic fraud' in settlement program, asks for temporary stoppage for third time

By Kyle Barnett | Aug 6, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – On Monday BP filed documents stating they have proof of “systemic fraud” within the settlement program that provides payments to those harmed by the 2010 oil spill.

LSU hospital accused of age discrimination

By Yolanda Martinez | Aug 7, 2013

NEW ORLEANS - The estate of a former university hospital employee has filed a suit for alleged age discrimination.

Former New Orleans pipefitter sues numerous companies over asbestos exposure after lung cancer diagnosis

By Leslie Gamboni | Aug 7, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A former pipefitter is suing numerous companies claiming they exposed him to asbestos that resulted in his lung cancer.

New Orleans citizens sue city over allegedly unconstitutional property taxes

By Leslie Gamboni | Aug 7, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – Three New Orleans property owners are suing the city and its finance department over claims that the city charged them an unconstitutional property tax.

St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office sued by man for alleged police brutality and false arrest for recording peaceful protest

By Kyle Barnett | Aug 7, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A Lafourche Parish man is suing the St.Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office and numerous deputies for alleged police brutality after he allegedly attempted to record a a peaceful protest against the living conditions of the parish prison.Carl Brown filed suit against St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Jack Strain Jr., personally and in his official capacity as the Sheriff of St.

Man wins partial appeal in age discrimination case

By Yolanda Martinez | Aug 8, 2013

NEW ORLEANS - A man who filed an age discrimination claim against an aerospace and defense company won part of his appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit concerning a district court’s decision to reduce the amount he received in damages.

Former teacher sues Recovery School District claiming wrongful termination

By Leslie Gamboni | Aug 8, 2013

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans teacher is suing the school district where she was formerly employed after they allegedly renewed her contract was canceled.

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