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Prescription drug led to internal bleeding, lawsuit states

A Louisiana woman who took the prescription drug Xarelto is suing the drug’s manufacturers after she allegedly suffered life-threatening bleeding caused by the drug.

Man sues employers following injuries allegedly sustained in towing vessel accident

A Wilmington, Del. man is suing two Louisiana corporations following an accident onboard their towing vessel that allegedly left him with injuries.

Fidelity Investments sued over claims of withheld retirement funds

A Terrebonne Parish woman is suing Fidelity Investments over claims she has been unlawfully deprived of retirement proceeds.

Couple sues Sunwing Airline following gangway accident, claiming injuries

A Louisiana husband and wife are suing a Canadian airline following a gangway accident in Punta Cana International Airport in the Dominican Republic that allegedly injured the wife.

St. Tammany woman sues Eyelid Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Center over unpaid overtime allegations

A St. Tammany woman is suing her former employer, Eyelid Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Center LLC, over claims of unpaid overtime wages.

Two New York City men sue Nola Guides, alleging negligence in boating collision

Two New York City men are suing a Louisiana commercial fishing captain, alleging negligence in a Camp Canal boat collision.

New York corporations sue VT Halter Marine, alleging breach of contract

Several New York corporations are suing VT Halter Marine, alleging it supplied an inoperable tug and barge unit.

Worker sues Parker Drilling Offshore USA, Bailey's Catering, alleging negligence in onboard accident

A worker is suing an offshore drilling company and a catering company, alleging negilgence for injuries the plaintiff sustained aboard a drilling rig.

Jefferson Parish man files suit after hit-and-run

NEW ORLEANS – A Jefferson Parish man has filed suit against a car rental company and one of its employees after being rear-ended at a red light in Orleans Parish.

Wal-Mart sued by father after shelves allegedly fall on, injure child

GRETNA – A corporate retailer is being sued by the father of a child he claims was injured when a shelving unit collapsed on top of her.

Hospital, doctor sued for medical malpractice in elderly woman’s death

GRETNA – The children of a deceased woman are suing a local hospital and doctors for medical malpractice after her death.

Siding subcontractor sues for contractor fraud claiming he was never paid for work

NEW ORLEANS – A subcontractor is suing a contractor claiming he was never paid for siding work on a construction project.

Son and daughter sue towing company, Port of New Orleans alleging wrongful death of their father

Two Jefferson Parish residents are suing a towing company and the Port of New Orleans on claims of wrongful death after a barge and bridge accident killed their father.

Man sues T.K. Stanley and Spooner Petroleum over negligence claims following injuries sustained in work site accident

A Union Parish man is suing two Mississippi companies following a work site accident that allegedly left him severely injured.

Archer Western Contracting sues HRL Contracting, alleging breach of contract

A contractor and insurace company are suing a Mississippi-based company in an effort to have the latter defend and indemnify the former in a series of separate lawsuits.

Louisiana company sues New Orleans, alleging violation of right to due process

A Louisiana real estate company is suing the the city of New Orleans after the city allegedly sent due process notices to the wrong address.

Houma business sues two Louisiana companies, alleging failure of coverage

A Houma company is suing its contractor and insurance company, alleging they are obligated to provide more defense coverage related to claims filed in a separate lawsuit.

Ocshner hospital, doctor sued over patient’s complications allegedly due to robotic surgery

GRETNA – A local hospital and doctor are being sued by a patient who claims she suffered severe complications during a surgery.

Seneca Insurance Company sued for allegedly offering only half of replacement cost of damaged crane

GRETNA – A crane service is suing its insurer claiming it vastly undervalued the a crane that had been destroyed.

Correction: Louisiana plaintiff attorneys to make millions from local government Deepwater Horizon settlement

NEW ORLEANS – Of the $371 million in Deepwater Horizon settlements awarded to local governments last month, Louisiana law firms stand to rake in a hefty percentage of that in legal fees. The influx of cash to local governments, part of a $687.4 million settlement oil giant BP made to state and local governing agencies across the Gulf Coast due to the oil spill, means big paydays for a handful of politically connected Louisiana law firms. One of the largest beneficiaries of the settlement is H