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Ford trying to collect on past due truck payments

GRETNA — An automaker is seeking past due payments on a 2008 Ford truck.

State claims woman failed to pay back Katrina grant

NEW ORLEANS – The State of Louisiana is seeking damages against a women who allegedly failed to pay back a disaster recovery grant issued following Hurricane Katrina.

Woman claims she slipped on a strawberry in New Orleans Walmart

NEW ORLEANS – A woman alleges she was caused to slip on a strawberry and fall in a local Walmart.

Contractor accuses Vessel NOLA of breaching contract

NEW ORLEANS – A local restaurant is being sued for breach of contract by a construction company that alleges it wasn't paid for its services.

Gate at Masons lodge allegedly fell on children

NEW ORLEANS – A mother claims that her children were injured by a gate at a Masons lodge.

Entergy claims Contract Callers breached contract

NEW ORLEANS – A local energy company is seeking damages for an alleged breach of contract.

Man alleges City of New Orleans negligent in caring for sidewalk

NEW ORLEANS – A man alleges he was caused to fall when he stepped in a hole on a city sidewalk.

University of New Orleans trying to collect student debt

NEW ORLEANS – A university claims that a student failed to pay on a past due account.

F3 Management allegedly owes debt to flooring company

NEW ORLEANS – A carpet and flooring company is seeking damages for failure to pay.

Juno Claims allegedly failed to complete post-flooding inspections

GRETNA — A construction company claims that a contractor failed in its duties following the historic flooding in August 2016.

Southeastern Louisiana University trying to collect unpaid debt

NEW ORLEANS – Southeastern Louisiana University claims that a student has failed to pay his tuition.

Woman allegedly slipped on pasta at Outback Steakhouse

GRETNA – A woman claims that she slipped and fell on pasta at an Outback Steakhouse in Metairie.

Woman alleges prepared pig's feet caused food poisoning

GRETNA — A woman who had to be hospitalized after eating prepared pig's feet is seeking damages for food poisoning

Woman who broke wrist at Jean Lafitte House sues

NEW ORLEANS – A woman allegedly was caused extreme injury when she slipped and fell in a bathroom at the Jean Lafitte House in New Orleans.

Evans Creole Candy Factory accused of negligence

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is seeking damages after allegedly tripping on a rug inside a New Orleans candy store.

Jefferson Parish School Board accused of negligence in bus accident

GRETNA — Parents of a Jefferson Parish student are suing the school board and an employee for damages after the bus their child was riding in was driven into a canal.

Man allegedly injured when poles fell on him in Baton Rouge Walmart

GRETNA — A Jefferson Parish man was injured when two poles allegedly fell on him in a Baton Rouge Walmart store.

A woman is being sued for an overdue J.C. Penney balance

GRETNA — A woman is being sued for more than $1,200 in sums due on a J.C. Penney card.

Kenner police car allegedly hit woman's vehicle

GRETNA — A St. Charles Parish woman claims that her car was struck by a vehicle belonging to the Kenner Police Department.

Marrero resident allegedly owes more than $1,300 on Lowe's account

GRETNA — A financial services company is trying to collect on an open Lowe's account. .