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Winn-Dixie sued in slip and fall

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman has filed suit claiming injury on the premises of a grocery store.

Cox communications sues sewerage and water board for destroyed underground cables

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans cable provider is suing a city agency for property damage.

Woman sued after falling down outside steps while visiting building after hours

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman is suing a building owner for injuries she claims to have received on a set of outside stairs while visiting the building after hours.

Boomtown Casino sued by woman who twisted ankle after stepping in 'sticky' substance

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman is suing a Kenner casino for injuries she claims occurred on its premises.

Shipbilder named in asbestos suit

Neil F. Nazareth NEW ORLEANS – A Tangipahoa Parish woman is suing a shipbuilder for the wrongful death of her husband.

Hospital sued for allegedly losing biopsy sample

Robert B. Evans NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman has filed suit against a local hospital for losing her biopsy sample, which required another biopsy.

Food court employee sues Lakeside Shopping Center in slip and fall

GRETNA – A New Orleans woman is suing a Metairie shopping mall over injuries she claims to have received on their premises.

School board sued by former teacher for post-Katrina termination case

Marc R. Michaud NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans teacher is claiming he was wrongfully terminated by the local school board.

Krewe of Bacchus sued over records request after 45 percent dues increase proposal

NEW ORLEANS – A major Mardi Gras Krewe has been sued by its members over its alleged failure to release records for inspection

Bank accused of cashing man's homeowners insurance checks post-Katrina

A New Orleans man is suing a local bank after checks allegedly made out to him were cashed without his knowledge.

Touro Infirmary sued by visitor in slip and fall

Kris P. Kiefer NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman has sued a local hospital for injuries she claims to have received on its premises.

New Orleans man sues Spain's Consular Office claiming age discrimination

NEW ORLEANS - The vice-chancellor of the Consulate General of Spain in Houston has filed an age discrimination lawsuit that claims he was forced into retirement.

Railroad conductor sues after tripping over cord

Miller NEW ORLEANS - A railroad conductor is suing New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Co. for not warning that he could trip over a cord and fall down several steps in the locomotive.

Winn-Dixie shopper sues after slipping and falling

NEW ORLEANS - A Winn-Dixie shopper has filed a lawsuit against the store that claims she suffered serious injuries when she slipped on the wet floor and fell.

Grain company sued for being a health nuisance

Taggart NEW ORLEANS - A recently filed federal lawsuit claims that a St. James Parish grain elevator is emitting significant amounts of grain dusting that could be causing health problems for workers at an adjacent company.

Street contractor sued by Ascension Parish for breach of contract

DONALDSONVILLE – A southeastern Louisiana parish has filed suit against an international insurance company claiming a street maintenance company fell short of provisions in a contract.

Chinese drywall case filed in 24th Judicial District

Russ M. Herman GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish developer have sued numerous defendants for allegedly providing defective materials to them.

Woman files suit after running into dumpster on residential street

GRETNA – A Harvey woman has filed suit against property owners after she drove into an unbarricaded dumpster that lacked proper lighting on a construction site.

City of New Orleans sued over fines assessed to condo developer

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans condominium developer has filed suit against the city for fines they allege go beyond the city's powers.

Former police officer accused of assault and sexual battery

LAFAYETTE – A Lafayette woman has filed suit against a former police officer for assault and sexual battery.