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LLAW keeping a close eye on Louisiana's opioid epidemic lawsuits

BATON ROUGE — The executive director of the Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW) was pleased to see the state's governor and attorney general finally come to an agreement on how to handle a dozen pharmaceutical company lawsuits related to the state's opioid epidemic.

Coalition for Common Sense attorney blames high car insurance rates on lawsuit abuse

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon has been quoted as saying he believes lawsuit abuse is one of the biggest reasons auto insurance rates are so high in Louisiana, and at least one attorney agrees with him.

Louisiana citizens tackle redistricting during Fair Districts Louisiana’s summit

On Jan. 19, citizens and politicians gathered to discuss the issue of redistricting in Louisiana at a summit put on by Fair Districts Louisiana, a bipartisan movement that aims to change the way redistricting is done in the state.

Louisiana appeals court tosses doctor's defamation suit

BATON ROUGE — The First Circuit Court of Appeals for Louisiana on Jan. 23 agreed with a trial court in the case of a doctor who sued a patient's husband for defamation after the man claimed his wife's death was caused by a misdiagnosis and requested a medical review panel (MRP).

Baton Rouge, mayor pro tem accused of violating 1st Amendment rights

BATON ROUGE — Three prominent Louisiana community leaders kicked out of a public city council meeting in Baton Rouge earlier this year filed a federal lawsuit against the city and Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wilson on December 4, alleging their First Amendment rights were violated.