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Spectator at the Smoothie King Center sues after allegedly being thrown from an escalator

Smoothie King Center

Oil company sues accountant over alleged $1.79 million embezzlement

NEW ORLEANS – A local oil company is suing an accountant it claims embezzled a total of $1,798,000 betewen October 2009 and May 2014.

Restaurant sues landlord claiming mold forced them to go out of business

GRETNA – A local restaurant is suing its former landlord due to significant mold buildup in the premises that should have been remediated following Hurricane Katrina.

School sued for negligence after woman falls while dancing on gravel

GRETNA – A parochial school is being sued by a woman who claims she was injured after falling while dancing on its premises.

Law firm sued by client for allegedly abandoning her case

GRETNA – A local law firm is being sued by a client for legal malpractice after it allegedly abandoned her case and failed to oppose motions against her.

Dog walker sued over allegedly 'ferocious' dog attack that left three year old with facial scars

GRETNA – The father of a girl who was allegedly bitten in the face by a dog is suing the girl’s mother as well as others over her injuries.

Deepwater Horizon audit finds one in five business, seafood claims lack proper documentation

NEW ORLEANS – An audit of the Deepwater Horizon settlement facility shows that nearly one in five claims in certain fraud-prone categories were paid without proper documentation.

Attorney sued for legal malpractice concerning representation of bike accident victim

GRETNA – A bicyclist who was allegedly severely injured in an accident when she struck a pipe sticking up from the ground has filed a legal malpractice lawsuit against her attorney who she claims improperly represented her.Mai Phan, and husband Tam Lam, filed suit against Joy Cressend in the 24th Judicial District Court on Sept. 19.Phan contends that on Oct. 10, 2010 she entered into a contingency

Le Pavillon Hotel patron sues over alleged slip and fall near rooftop pool

Le Pavillon Hotel

Nursing home sued over alleged conditions that led to resident’s pressure sores, hospitalization

GRETNA – A nursing home resident is suing after he was allegedly improperly treated resulting in the development of severe pressure sores subsequent to being malnourished and dehydrated.

Movers, building owner blamed for woman’s injuries

GRETNA – A moving company and commercial building owner are being sued by a woman who claims she received disabling injuries because of boards placed in an entryway.Wanda Simlin filed suit against Canal Indemnity Company, P.L. Vogel Co. LLC, United Fire and Casualty Company, The Office Planning Group Incorporated and Severn Place Associates, a Partnership in Commendam in the 24th Judicial District

Property holding company files suit over alleged breach of contract violation

NEW ORLEANS – A property holding company is suing over a company's alleged failure to fill out a mortgage payoff request form.

Family of man who died of heart attack after allegedly being diagnosed with heartburn sues

GRETNA – The surviving family of a man who died from a heart attack after allegedly being diagnosed as only having heart burn is suing the heart doctor who treated him over his death.

Box truck allegedly collides with a riding lawn mower causing serious injuries to its driver, suit claims

NEW ORLEANS – A man driving a 2010 John Deere mower is suing after allegedly being injured when he was thrown out of the rear glass window of his vehicle as a result of a severe collision with a large truck.

Fast food restaurant sued by couple allegedly injured in collapsing bench

GRETNA – A fast food restaurant is being sued by a a married couple after they were allegedly injured when a bench collapsed beneath them.

Patient alleges too much bone shaved off in corrective hip surgery

GRETNA – A doctor who allegedly shaved too much bone off a patient’s hip is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Public bus passenger sues over auto accident

GRETNA – A bus passenger is suing a motorist he claims injured him when his vehicle collided with the bus he was riding in.

Auditor: Deepwater Horizon claims chief spent $471 million on administration in 2013

Claims Administrator Patrick Juneau

Lumber Liquidators sued by homeowner after newly installed floor allegedly fails

GRETNA – A lumber company is being sued by a customer who claims it sold her defective flooring that buckled and separated weeks after being installed.

Plumber sues homeowner over alleged injuries in fall

GRETNA – A local homeowner and his insurance company are being sued by a plumber who claims he was severely injured in a fall on its premises.