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Disabled Orleans Parish man claims ferryboat is difficult to access because of gangway

NEW ORLEANS – An Orleans Parish man alleges a ferryboat is not accessible to those that require wheelchairs.

Man alleges Omaha Life wrongfully denied disability claim

NEW ORLEANS – A Mandeville man formerly employed as an office manager alleges his application for long-term disability benefits was wrongfully denied.

Couple alleges travel trailer they purchased has defects, seek sale's rescission

ALEXANDRIA – Two Ascension Parish residents are seeking the rescission of a travel trailer they allege is defective.

Nonprofit alleges city denied its right to march in parade with Confederate flag

LAFAYETTE — A nonprofit organization based in Sterlington alleges its First and 14th Amendment rights were violated when it was prohibited from participating in a Christmas parade with a Confederate flag.

African-American man claims he faced discriminatory treatment at UPS Ground Freight

NEW ORLEANS – An African-American male alleges he was subjected to hostile work environment as a delivery driver.

Woman alleges Anesthesiology & Pain Consultants terminated her because of disability

LAFAYETTE – A clinic coordinator for a Lafayette facility alleges she was terminated because of her back problems.

Republic Business Credit LLC claims Alcatel-Lucent USA owes more than $1 million

EW ORLEANS – A New Orleans factoring business has filed a suit against a Baton Rouge corporation alleging it has an outstanding balance that remains unpaid.

Submar Inc. alleges former employee breached employment contract

NEW ORLEANS – A Houma company alleges a former long-time employee residing in California has breached an employment contract.

Bank of the West seeks remaining balance of allegedly unpaid debt

SHREVEPORT – A California-based financial institution alleges two Claiborne Parish residents were guarantors for a loan that has not been paid in full and seeks the remaining balance.

Former employee claims Green Tiger Softwash owes unpaid overtime pay

BATON ROUGE – A former employee alleges an East Baton Rouge Parish commercial pressure washing company did not properly compensate him for all hours he worked.

Maritime worker alleges vessel owner's negligence caused injuries

NEW ORLEANS — A Tennessee man is suing a maritime company, alleging negligence in providing an unsafe work environment that led to injuries for the plaintiff.

Ship owner alleges charterer owes more than $1 million

NEW ORLEANS — A ship owner is suing a shipping company, alleging it owes more than $1 million for breach of contract.

MCI Communications blames construction company for severing cable

BATON ROUGE — MCI Communications is suing a street construction company, alleging they negligently severed the plaintiff's fiber-optic cable.

Martime worker alelges vessel owner's negligence caused injuries

NEW ORLEANS — A Vidalia man is suing ship owners, alleging negligence in not providing safety precautions in rough seas. 

Pellet gun owner accuses law enforecment officials of wrongful injury

MONROE — A Union Parish man is suing local law enforcement officials, alleging assault, abuse and failure to protect.

Financing corporation alleges trucking company owes $481,000

NEW ORLEANS — A financing company is suing a Louisiana trucking company, alleging failure to pay more than $481,000.

Patient accuses prosthesis manufacturer of negligence

NEW ORLEANS — A patient is suing the manufacturer of a prosthesis, alleging violation of consumer protection statutes.

Driller alleges ship owner's negligence led to injuries

NEW ORLEANS — A Louisiana man is suing an offshore drilling company, alleging its negligence led to the plaintiff sustaining injuries.

Inmate alleges correctional officers used excessive force

BATON ROUGE — An inmate is suing correctional officers at a St. Gabriel prison, alleging they caused him severe injuries.

Construction worker alleges Baton Rouge company failed to pay overtime

BATON ROUGE — An East Baton Rouge Parish man is suing a Baton Rouge construction company, alleging failure to pay legally mandated overtime wages.