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C-Ports/Stone LLC seeks more than $300,000 from Adriatic Marine LLC

NEW ORLEANS – Fuel supplier the owner of two ships has filed to pay for supplies it purchased earlier this year.

Woman alleges depression in IHOP parking lot caused fall, injuries to foot

SHREVEPORT – A woman alleges she fractured her foot because of the conditions of a restaurant's parking lot.

Pirate's Blood brewer alleges name is being used for another beer

NEW ORLEANS – The inventor and brewer of a discontinued beer known as Pirate's Blood alleges the trademark is being used to sell another beer.

Patient accuses doctor, Touro Infirmary of malpractice after surgery

NEW ORLEANS – A North Carolina woman alleges a surgery she underwent in Louisiana was improperly done.

Crosby Dredging alleges Hydroterra Technologies provided incorrect survey

LAFAYETTE – A Galliano company claims a Scott company's inaccurate survey cost it an additional $1.2 million on a project.

American Express claims that a woman failed to pay her balance of more than $22,000

NEW ORLEANS – American Express is seeking more than $22,000 from an Orleans Parish woman.

Omega Enterprises tenants allege apartment had mold issues

NEW ORLEANS – A family alleges they were exposed to toxic mold in their apartment.

Tax Credit Administrators Inc. alleges Swiftships Shipbuilder hasn't paid for services

NEW ORLEANS – An Orleans Parish business is alleged to owe more than $44,000 for services.

Man alleges Antique Building Materials LLC, Renaissance Reclamation did not deliver stone

NEW ORLEANS – A man claims he paid more than $9,000 for flagstone that was never delivered.

Ceco Concrete Construction claims it is owed for medical center project work

NEW ORLEANS – A construction company alleges it was not paid in full for work done on a medical center.

Boomtown Casino patron alleges he was injured in fall

GRETNA – A guest at a Harvey casino claims he was injured after slipping on liquid on the floor.

Portfolio Recovery Associates seeks to collect balance from Jefferson Parish resident

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish individual is accused of defaulting on a credit card account.

Dollar General shopper alleges TV caused injuries

GRETNA – A man claims that he hit his head and was injured while shopping in a Dollar General.

More than $18,000 sought by Bank of America for allegedly open credit card account

GRETNA – Bank of America is seeking damages for an allegedly open credit card account.

Northwestern State University claims former student owes more than $1,000

GRETNA – A former university student is accused of failing to pay education fees.

Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission claims negligent driver damaged vehicle

GRETNA – A Tangipahoa Parish woman is accused of reckless driving.

Dwyer, Cambre & Suffern claims construction company did not pay for legal services

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish law firm claims that it was never paid for its services by a client.

Federal lawsuit casts light on murky Orleans Parish courthouse construction project

NEW ORLEANS – A $4 million-plus lawsuit brought by Minnesota construction company Community Facility Partners (CFP) against the Orleans Judicial District Court Building Commission (JBC) and Parish Civil District Court Judge Christopher Bruno shines a bit of light on just how complicated, not to mention opaque and politicized, the process of carrying out civic building projects can be.

Constitutional rights dispute between Governor, AG heading to court

BATON ROUGE – A dispute over an an executive order by Gov. John Bel Edwards regarding LGBT discrimination language in state contracts is heading to court in showdown that may define the constitutional roles of the governor and attorney general.

Sen. Ted Cruz settles lawsuit with New Orleans-based music licensing firm

NEW ORLEANS – Former Republican presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz will pay $55,000 to a music-licensing start up firm, Audiosocket, for alleged copyright infringement and breach of a licensing agreement.