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Service providers allege ship owners owe $148,000

NEW ORLEANS — Services and personnel providers are suing the owners of a ship, alleging they owe more than $148,000.

Creditor accuses law firms, staff of perjury

NEW ORLEANS — An Orleans Parish man is suing two law firms and staff members, alleging they committed perjury.

Mother accuses healthcare providers of medical malpractice

ALEXANDRIA — A Mississippi woman is suing a number of health care providers, alleging they caused harm to her son.

Compliance director will take control of Orleans Parish Prison

NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman recently agreed to relinquish operational control over the Orleans Parish Prison to an independent jail compliance director, settling a suit filed last month in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

St. Tammany Parish asks Louisiana Supreme Court to reconsider Helis drilling

NEW ORLEANS  – The Louisiana Supreme Court has received a request from St. Tammany Parish Council to reconsider allowing the drilling of an oil well near Lakeshore High School, but a spokesman for the oil company said the project likely will move forward later this week.

Former state attorney Reed suspended after fraud convictions

NEW ORLEANS - Despite requests from his attorney to hold off on the decision, former state prosecutor Walter Reed has been suspended from law practice by the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Fifth Circuit Court upholds sanctions barring attorneys from representing Deepwater Horizon claimants

NEW ORLEANS – The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld sanctions against two attorneys in June, who were disciplined in 2015 for allegedly paying for referrals for claims related to the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Roy Supply Co. alleges bank did not protect financial safety of customers

GRETNA – A Louisiana business is seeking damages, claiming that Capital One was responsible for a loss of money.

120 West Partners files suit over alleged nonpayment of note

GRETNA – A limited liability company claims that a promissory note was not upheld by another party.

Jefferson Parish alleges financial and retirement investor committed fraud against him

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish man is seeking damages, claiming that fraud was committed against him when an advising group failed to deliver the services that they originally agreed to.

Woman alleges house's issues were concealed from her before purchase

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman alleges that she was deceived prior to the purchase of a home that had she claims had numerous problems.

Woman alleges doctors failed to properly perform procedure

GRETNA – A woman claims that a medical center failed to complete a bilateral tubal ligation, thus allowing her to become pregnant when she did not desire it.

Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corp. seeks payment reimbursement for accident claim

GRETNA – Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corp. is seeking damages after an allegedly negligent individual caused a car accident and injured a city employee.

Extraordinary Flooring accused of not properly installing floor

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish company is seeking damages following an incident in which it claims that floors were not properly installed.

Southeastern Louisiana University seeks alleged unpaid fees from former student

GRETNA – Southeastern Louisiana University is seeking damages over claims that a former student failed to make necessary payments.

Women allege family member falsely accused them of stealing $5.2 million

GRETNA – Two Jefferson Parish women allege a Gretna man made slanderous and defamatory statements about them.

Jefferson Parish School Board employee alleged to have struck student

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish individual is seeking damages, claiming that a minor was struck by a school employee.

Former Southeastern University of Louisiana student alleged to owe money to school

GRETNA – The Southeastern Louisiana University alleges that a former student failed to make payments on an open account.

Man alleges he was injured in fall

GRETNA – A man alleges he was injured in a slip-and-fall accident at a rental property.

St. Bernard Parish woman claims she was injured by open drain

GRETNA – A St. Bernard Parish woman is seeking damages after she was allegedly caused injuries when her leg entered into an unmarked open drain.