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Midland Funding seeking more than $1,200 on past due Walmart account

GRETNA – A woman is being sued after she allegedly failed to pay back more than $1,200.

Former New Orleans police official among signatories in California 'sanctuary city' case amicus brief

A Justice Department policy that ties federal funding to immigration-based requirements is "misguided" and hampers local law enforcement, former New Orleans Police Department Superintendent Ronal Serpas said in a recent press release.

Lender seeks over $1,5000 from customer

GRETNA – A funding company claims it is owed more than $1,500 from a customer.

Walmart sued after woman allegedly falls on grapes

NEW ORLEANS – A woman claims that she slipped on grapes and fell at a Walmart.

Woman claims she slipped and fell in Walmart

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is seeking damages for an alleged slip and fall in a New Orleans Walmart.

Woman claims she fell in New Orleans Walmart

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is seeking damages for a slip and fall in a Walmart.

New Orleans Walmart accused of negligence in slip and fall case

NEW ORLEANS – A woman claims that she slipped and fell in a Walmart.

Man claims TV fell on his foot at Walmart

GRETNA – A man is seeking damages, claiming a TV fell on his foot in a Walmart store in Harvey.

Woman claims she slipped on a strawberry in New Orleans Walmart

NEW ORLEANS – A woman alleges she was caused to slip on a strawberry and fall in a local Walmart.

Walmart accused of negligence

A patron is suing Walmart for alleged negligence.

Simmons Bank hires new vice president, assistant general counsel

Simmons Bank has hired Henry A. “Rusty” Barham III as the executive vice president for regulatory and consumer affairs and assistant general counsel.

Arkansas court allows Louisiana sporting goods store to be sued in Arkansas

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Court of Appeals has ruled that an Arkansas woman can sue a Louisiana sporting goods store for damages in Arkansas court.

Study refutes Louisiana voucher program lawsuit claim

BATON ROUGE – A study conducted by researchers at the University of Arkansas’ Department of Education Reform revealed that them Louisiana Voucher Program has reduced racial desegregation in public schools, contradicting a federal lawsuit filed in 2013 that claimed otherwise.

Cajun Outboards sued over allegedly defective vessel

NEW ORLEANS – An East Baton Rouge Parish-based boat company is being sued for allegedly selling a defective vessel and making shoddy repairs to the craft.