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Crescent Bank & Trust alleges man defaulted on auto loan

NEW ORLEANS – A bank alleges an Orleans Parish resident has not fully paid the balance of an auto loan.

Woman alleges she was injured after fall at Bayou Burger and Sports Co.

NEW ORLEANS – A woman claims that a doorway's conditions caused her to fall and injure herself.

Woman seeks damages after driver allegedly failed to yield at Carol Sue intersection

NEW ORLEANS – A Jefferson Parish driver alleges she was struck after a motorist failed to yield at an intersection.

Dawson Construction Co. of Louisiana alleges concrete work done by subcontractors contained defects

NEW ORLEANS – Two subcontractors are accused of defective concrete work on the construction of an auto parts store in St. Charles Parish.

Deer Park Condominium Owners' Association Inc. alleges condo owner owes thousands in fees

NEW ORLEANS – A condo association alleges an owner neglected to pay its fees for several months.

Family accuses Met Life of denying benefits

LAFAYETTE — A Louisiana widow, two sons and a granddaughter are suing Metropolitan Life and a technology company, alleging denial of benefits.

Disabled customer accuses Shreveport property operator of disability discrimination

LAFAYETTE — A disabled Caddo Parish man person is suing Shreveport property operators, alleging discrimination against disabled customers. 

Maritime worker alleges offshore drilling companies' negligence caused injuries

NEW ORLEANS — An Ohio man in suing several offshore drilling companies, alleging their negligence caused the plaintiff to sustain injuries. 

Ship operator blames vessel's owner for damages

NEW ORLEANS — A Louisiana vessel operator is suing a transportation company and an insurance firm, alleging their negligence led to the plaintiff suffering structural financial damages. 

Disabled Wisconsin tourist blames travel businesses for injuries

BATON ROUGE — A disabled Wisconsin woman is suing two tourist businesses and an insurance company, alleging negligence led to her sustaining injuries.

Activists accuse Baton Rouge officials of illegal arrests

BATON ROUGE — Pointing to news reports, cell phone videos and photographs, three people who were arrested during protests in Baton Rouge after the fatal police shooting of Alton Sterling are suing Baton Rouge officials and state police for civil rights violations, alleging police responded to protesters in a “militarized and aggressive manner.”

Texas attorney practicing in Louisiana faces suspension

LAFAYETTE – In an Aug. 23, official hearing document, Louisiana's Office of Disciplinary Conduct has pressed formal charges against attorney Lance Hac Nguyen consisting of one count of allegedly contacting another attorney’s client without the knowledge of the attorney and allegedly failing to cooperate with the ODC’s investigation. 

Company alleges retailer didn't pay for delivered goods

GRETNA – A company has filed suit against a retailer, claiming it was never paid for goods it delivered to the defendant.

Consumer allegedly failed to pay credit card balance

GRETNA – A Colorado company claims a customer allegedly failed to pay the balance on a credit card it issued to a consumer.

Community college alleges former student failed to pay for classes

GRETNA – A community college claims that a student allegedly failed to pay after attending class there.

College claims former student allegedly failed to pay for classes

GRETNA – A community college claims a former student failed to pay for the classes in which he was enrolled.

Law firm files suit against former partner who mishandled money

NEW ORLEANS – A law firm claims that a partner allegedly engaged in several illegal activities while employed there, including using company revenue for personal use.

Law firm claims associate attorney simultaneously worked for the competition

NEW ORLEANS – A law firm claims that a contractor breached his agreement by working for the competition.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette claims a student failed to pay for classes

NEW ORLEANS – A local university has filed suit against a former student it claims failed to pay for classes.

Wife's finger severed during storm by alleged unsafe airborn kiosk

NEW ORLEANS – A couple claims that the wife was injured and her finger severed while seeking refuge from a storm in a kiosk.