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Homeowner alleges work performed by Tim Clark Construction damaged home

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman claims that the contractor who worked on her home damaged it.

Exotic Sportscar alleges car delivered by Florida company not in the condition promised

NEW ORLEANS – A West Palm Beach, Florida company is accused of selling a car to a Louisiana company that was not in the condition advertised.

Jack Meat Market accused of breach of contract for ATM use

NEW ORLEANS – An ATM supply company is seeking damages for alleged breach of contract.

Property owner claims American Steel Design Group did substandard work

NEW ORLEANS – A property owner alleges the contractor he hired to build a steel structure did not adequately complete the work as promised.

Surgical center seeks more than $93,000 in outstanding debt from a former patient

GRETNA – A surgical center claims it is owed more than $93,000 by a former patient.

Trane U.S., Ingersoll-Rand Co. and local HVAC business allegedly installed faulty system

GRETNA – Two women have filed suit against a local air conditioning business and the HVAC manufacturer, claiming the HVAC system is allegedly defective.

Royal Contractors allegedly owes Wayne Breaux Electric more than $44,000

GRETNA – An electric contractor has filed suit against another contractor, seeking damages for an open account of more than $44,000.

First American Bank, other businesses allegedly engaged in illegal banking activities

GRETNA – A man has filed suit for $300,000 in damages stemming from alleged illegal actions at a bank.

Physician allegedly caused paralysis in patient

GRETNA -– A man allegedly sustained serious complications after a medical procedure and has filed suit against the treating physician.

Woman allegedly fell while at East Jefferson General Hospital for a mammogram

GRETNA – A woman claims she fell while allegedly being escorted by a hospital employee to her mammogram. 

Law firm, partner files suit against other partner for alleged defamation, breach of contract

GRETNA – A law firm and one partner have filed suit against the other partner, who happened to be legally separated spouses, claiming breach of contract and defamation after the defendant changed the locks to the office and blocked the plaintiff from accessing the company database.

Woman allegedly owes Bank of American more than $14,000

GRETNA – Bank of America N.A. claims that a woman allegedly owes more than $14,000 on her account.

Bank of America seeks $11,000 in alleged outstanding debt from account holder

GRETNA – Bank of America has filed suit against an account holder, seeking more than $11,000 in outstanding debt.

Mississippi man alleges Progressive, Allstate breached contrat

NEW ORLEANS — A Mississippi man is suing Progressive and Allstate, alleging breach of contract in failing to pay benefits for an auto accident.

Designer accuses silver jewelry wholesaler of trademark infringement

NEW ORLEANS — A New Orleans jewelry designer is suing a New Jersey silver jewelry wholesaler, alleging trademark counterfeiting and unfair competition.

Louisiana’s oil and gas industry is still facing many obstacles on the long, difficult road to recovery

Consistently low oil and natural gas prices have set the industry back tens of billions of dollars.

Bank of America claims a customer owes more than $13,000

GRETNA – Bank of America has filed suit against an account holder, seeking damages for more than $13,000 in debt. 

Customer allegedly owes Bank of America more than $6,000

GRETNA – Bank of America is seeking damages of more than $6,000.

Student allegedly hasn't paid Louisiana State University tuition from 2007

GRETNA – Louisiana State University at Alexandria is seeking damages for an open account.

Bank of America alleges account holder has failed to make payments

GRETNA – Bank of America is seeking damages, claiming that a customer failed to pay the balance on an open account.